War of Infinite Panels – Issue #12 “We Are The Danger”

This week on War of Infinite Panels, Julz Chan and Matt take a look at Black Mask Studio’s latest comic, “We Are the Danger” by Fabian Lelay.

Julie Malliari is the new girl in school and is in her senior year of high school. Things aren’t going so well until she meets her new friend, Tabitha. After one rock show, the two start to form a strong friendship and decide to form their own band and hope to make their way to the top. But like with any path to glory, the band will have competition standing in their way.

Comic previews provided by BlackMask

“We Are the Danger” issue #1 – written & illustrated by Fabian Lelay, colored by Claudia Aguirre, and lettered by Taylor Esposito.

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