Okay, person reading this, I’m gonna level with you here. I have not seen Deadpool 2. Yet. But I really want to, which is why I haven’t looked up anything about the post-credits scenes. I’ve heard they’re outrageous, so I’m looking forward to them. Good news is that there won’t be spoilers here, since I’m certainly not spoiling it for myself. 

If there’s anything that Deadpool is known for it’s breaking the fourth wall and his outrageous antics. Now that I’ve successfully broken the fourth wall in this article I can tell you about an outrageous post-credits scene that got nixed. Why? Simply too outrageous. Well, there were actually two scenes left out, but this first one wasn’t filmed. 

Den of Geek reports that one of the first ideas for a Deadpool 2 credits scenes was to have Chris Evans appear as The Human Torch. Yes, we all know him now as Captain America, but he originally played a superhero in a far-less successful franchise. Ultimately the studio never approached him since the writers got another idea.

So, what idea did the writers deem “too outrageous” for Deadpool 2? Why, going back in time to kill baby Hitler of course! Since the sequel deals with time travel, it’s only natural for the anti-hero to want to go back and murder one of history’s most infamous leaders while he was still in diapers. The sequel initially featured the scene, but when tested in front of an audience it left them with an “ohhhhh” feeling. So it came out. 

As a fan of humor poking fun at the Third Reich, I hope we at least get to see the footage as a deleted scene. But first, I have to see Deadpool 2 and whatever post-credits scene they went with. For Hitler-bashing humor, we can wait until Jojo Rabbit comes out in the near future. 

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