For those wishing to see giant sand-worms wreaking havoc in a small desert village on their television screens – we have some sad news for you.

During a recent Instagram post, actor Kevin Bacon informed the world that the Tremors TV series will not happen. His post states that, although a pilot for the series had been written, the Syfy network decided not to move forward with the project. Bacon ends his post by thanking the cast and crew for their hard work despite the project not being picked up.

Syfy had initially commissioned a television reboot of the 1990 film, Tremors, which would’ve served as a continuation of the original movie. The plot for the series would’ve taken place 25 years later in the same town from the first film, Perfection, Nevada, with Kevin Bacon reprising his role of Valentine McKee. The story would’ve revolved around residents of the town surviving the giant creatures while Bacon’s character attempts to fight them off. The show also would’ve starred Megan Ketch, Shiloh Fernandez, and Emily Tremaine.  

The TV reboot was going to be developed by Blumhouse Productions and Universal Cable Productions. Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle) wrote the pilot for the series.

The Tremors franchise spawned multiple sequels and even a short lived TV series, but Bacon only appeared in the first film. It would’ve been fun to see him fighting the old graboids again, especially when the reboot would’ve had him struggle with alcoholism and a delusional hero complex.

For those seeking their giant sandworm fix, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell was recently released and currently streaming on Netflix. The film stars Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy and, surprisingly, is receiving decent reviews.  

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