Let’s cut to the chase, it’s time to make a list of my favorite traps in anime! #TrapsAren’tGay

Let’s begin!

5. Hideyoshi Kinoshita – Baka & Test

Hideyoshi Kinoshita may be my first encounter with a trap in anime. In Baka & Test, Hideyoshi is actually an outcast from both the male and female gender. Due to this, Hideyoshi is considered to be his own gender. Yes, I mean their gender is “Hideyoshi”. To add to having their own gender, they also get their own personal bathroom… that’s a plus to being an outcast I suppose.


4. Gasper Vladi – High School DxD

Gasper enjoys to wear female clothing because he thinks they “look cute”. I can’t really disagree with him, he really rocks the female uniform. Gasper is probably the cutest and youngest looking trap on this list. Also, you can’t have a solid harem without a trap in it. So I say High School DxD is doing it right!


3. Ruka Urushibara – Steins;Gate

Ruka is in fact a male. His personality would 100% say otherwise though. He is very polite, always dresses well, and has the looks of a beautiful girl. Ruka has a wish to be reborn as a female because he believes to have been mistakenly born male. I also believe Ruka was born male by accident. Both in looks and personality, they’re female. I’ve actually been struggling not to call ‘him’ a her while writing this.


2. Felix Argyle – Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

First off, I really freaking loved Re:Zero! I still think Rem is best girl and she is my fave waifu of all time. We’re talking about Felix though, not Rem. Felix is a cat boy who cross-dresses in a blue dress when not in his knight uniform. Not to say he looks any less feminine in his uniform, still looks like a Neko girl.


1. Astolfo – Fate/Apocrypha

The trap god and all-time trap legend. Astolfo easily is my number one pick due to his looks, his outfit, his memes, his plushie, and so much more. “Boys make the best girls” is a statement I saw alongside a picture of Astolfo while I was browsing Instagram (Same formatting as the featured picture). Honestly, I would say that Astolfo would definitely be the best girl of all time… that is if they were actually female.

That wraps up my list of the top five traps in anime. If you have your own favorite list of traps, feel free to comment and share your own list below. Other than that, have a wonderful day!

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