Don’t you just love an excellent opening theme to an anime that doesn’t make you feel like skipping everytime it comes on? Well so do I! So I thought, “why not make a list of my favorite anime openings/outros, it’s not like that’s ever been done before!” So here we go! These are my top 10 favorite anime openings/outros in anime.

If your favorite opening/outro isn’t on this list, it could just be because I haven’t seen the anime it’s affiliated with.


10. Attack on Titan season 1 Opening

Okay, so I know it’s mainstream and everyone on the face of the Earth knows (or at least should know) about AoT’s season 1 opening theme. It’s easily one of the most memorable openings to date, and that’s with good reason. The intensity of this opening really helps draw the viewer into the show, and honestly, it makes for an excellent meme as well. There have been plenty of times where I’ve referenced this opening while goofing off with my friends, and let me tell ya, it never gets old.

9. Akiba’s Trip The Animation Opening

I thought I may as well add an opening that not many people know about or remember. This is the opening for Akiba’s Trip The Animation. I’m not sure how many people actually watched this anime, but me and one of my irl buddies loved it. We also thought that it easily had one of the most catchy opening themes that season. It’s a well-done opening and fits the pace of the anime; fast-paced and comedic. So as a little hidden gem, I wanted to place this early on the list.


8. “GO CRY GO” by OxT, opening for Overlord 2

So at first, I didn’t really like Overlord 2’s opening theme “GO CRY GO”. Though after hearing it a couple of times through and gave it an actual chance, I found it to be rather catchy. The intensity is rather ‘kickass’ and I now find myself listening to it quite frequently, giving it the eighth spot on the list.

7. “HYDRA” by Myth & Roid, outro for Overlord 2

Don’t hate me for this. I understand that the opening for Overlord 2 is already on the list, but I freaking love the outro even more than the opening. Both of them are incredibly well done, but “HYDRA” is just a perfect blend of intensity and beauty which makes for an incredibly impactful ending. Along with that, the way they incorporate the ending theme into the last seconds of the episodes is epic.

6. “Kiss of Death” by Mika Nakashima, opening for Darling in the FRANXX

So if you keep up with seasonal animes, you should know about Darling in the FRANXX. It’s had an excellent love triangle that has been the cause of “best girl” drama. Though we aren’t talking about how Zero-Two is obviously the best girl, we’re here to talk about the opening;”Kiss of Death”. I personally thought the vocals were trash to begin with, but after listening to the opening all the way through, I fell in love. The beat drop is absolutely to die for, so I highly recommend this one.


5. “Unravel”, opening for Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 

I listen to “Unravel” a ton. I know the vocalist sounds like he’s gasping for breath, but the slow build up until the instrumental kicks in makes for an excellent and impactful opening. Even the visuals in the opening are stunning and a joy to watch. When I listen to this song, I listen to it on repeat, because one time just isn’t enough.

4. “Flashback” by Miyavi, opening for Kokkoku

Oh baby! Is Kokkoku even a good anime? I’m not gonna lie, I just heard this song from one of Gigguk’s videos and I fell in love with it. I quickly checked if it was on Spotify, and luckily, this ‘groovy’ opening was there! So I now listen to it on Spotify and jam out to it while driving. Is it so incredible that it may cause me to get into an accident due to me getting too into it? Maybe…


3.Outro for Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- the Animation

I don’t listen to this outro as often as I used to anymore. That’s not to say it’s bad though, it wouldn’t be so high on the list if it was bad. This outro is both beautiful in animation and in song. It’s the perfect tone to wrap up an episode of Kino’s Journey. It’s so peaceful and well done that it makes each episode feel satisfying. Plus I just really enjoy it… That’s why it earns the number three spot on the list.

2. “This Game”, opening for No Game No Life 

No Game No Life is freaking awesome! Easily one of my favorite animes of all time. The piano in the opening is just so good that it makes me wish that I could one day learn to play this song. That day may never come, but I’ll still be able to listen to others who have the skill to do so.

1. “Guilty Crown”, opening for Guilty Crown

I feel like I have an emotional connection to this opening. I believe Guilty Crown is one of the first animes I’ve actually watched. From the very moment the opening begins, you get hit with incredible vocals by Chelly, the vocalist for the pop duo group, Egoist. When I used to play Archeage, there was a profession called artistry which allowed you to put music onto in-game music sheets to be played. Needless to say, I got “Guilty Crown” onto a music sheet which resulted in the creation of my favorite sheets of music ever. So I suppose I learned how to play an instrument without actually learning how to play… anyways, it’s a hella good song, my all time favorite.


From: Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary

If you have any personal favorites that didn’t make it onto the list, feel free to let me know what they are in the comments section below! Have a great day <3 

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