FUNimation made the announcement that the simuldub of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul:re will be moving to a two-week delay. Before this announcement, episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re were getting dubbed and released the same day that the subtitled version aired.

FUNimation had previously announced that only the first few episodes of the show would receive this treatment but it wasn’t clear as to how many episodes that would encompass. With Tokyo Ghoul:re only being a half cour show, some felt that FUNimation had decided to just release all of the dubbed episodes at the same time; however, it appears that they decided to stop with Episode 8.  

Episode 9 of the show is currently available on FUNimation in Japanese with English subtitles only with the dub scheduled for June 12.

The second half of Tokyo Ghoul:re is scheduled to start airing in Japan this October. There is no word at this time whether or not FUNimation will give the second cour the same treatment. 

This isn’t the only anime that is getting this treatment, either. The third season of My Hero Academia is also only having its first few episodes dubbed and released simultaneously. While it was stated that there would only be six episodes not on the delay, we are now up to episode eight and they are still being released alongside the subtitled version. 

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