Taki Returns For Soulcalibur VI

The skin-clad ninja makes her return to the series

Taki, my second liked character in the Soulcalibur series, was absent in the fifth chapter. In her place was her student, Nastu. Of course, this frustrated faithful fans of the series. But thankfully this time around, Taki makes her return Soulcalibur VI

A video had been leaked yesterday, from the popular Japanese video site Nico Nico (think YouTube). However, Bandai Namco had released the same trailer onto YouTube earlier today. She looks very familiar as she’s sporting her demon armor and her dual kodachi; Rekki-Maru, and Mekki-Maru. However, now she has some text written on her armor that glows. Judging from the trailer she looks like she hasn’t changed since we last saw her. Her moveset also looks to be unchanged. Outside of that, there’s not much we know of Taki’s return. But I’m happy she made it this time around.

With Taki’s reveal, the roster for Soulcalibur VI gets bumped up to 11 characters; Sophitia, Mitsurugi, Siegfried, Nightmare, Ivy, Zasalamel, Xianghua, Kilik, Grøh and guest character Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series.

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