So RAGE 2 Is Actually A Thing After All

Get ready to die?

While everyone thought that the leaked announcement of Bethesda’s and ID Software’s RAGE 2 was fake, it apparently isn’t. Meaning that the leak of not only this game but several more by Walmart could actually be legit.

But let’s focus on RAGE 2 for now. Over the weekend, Bethesda had been dropping cryptic tweets. All of which pointed to some sort of information being released today. Well, we got that drop in the form of a really bizarre, yet sort trailer.

You can check that out below.

Yeah, I really don’t know what to think after seeing this trailer. There’s not really any gameplay and the world, yet being somewhat familiar to RAGE fans. Well, it’s freaking me out, let’s just leave it at that.

Are you equally confused? Well, not to worry as Bethesda has told us that they’ll be releasing more information regarding the game tomorrow, May 15, at 10 AM EDT. Yes, this will include gameplay!

I have to say that I’m intrigued to see that RAGE is finally getting a follow-up, seven years later. The game, while reviewed decently, had its fair share of issues with both the gameplay and the IDTech 5 Engine. That said, I’m wondering if they’ll be sticking to the same game engine or switching it out to the IDTech 6 engine that powered DOOM (2016), and Wolfenstein II games.

So be sure to check back tomorrow as we cover the news.

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