Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Now Available

Rare has launched the Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep add-on content for current Sea of Thieves players at no additional cost! This two-week campaign offers players a new adventure where you can unravel the mystery of a Giant Megalodon Shark which features a brand new AI that players can work together to defeat. 

Joe Neate, the executive producer for Sea of Thieves, wrote this letter to players:


Last month, we shared our plans for how we intend to build on the core “Sea of Thieves” experience by regularly adding new content. We’re delighted to announce that the first of our three summer updates – The Hungering Deep– is now live and available to all “Sea of Thieves” players at no additional cost.

While we’ve released patches for “Sea of Thieves” every week from launch to address the top community feedback points, this update is a little different. Not only does it feature a range of permanent new content, including a fearsome new AI threat, new items and cosmetics, it also marks the first time we’ve run a time-limited campaign.

Running for two weeks, The Hungering Deep campaign offers players an unforgettable new adventure, where players will unravel the mystery of the monstrous Megalodon, a new AI threat that players will be working together to defeat. We’ve provided new tools to help you accomplish this feat –  the speaking trumpet and a flag system –  each offering a new way to communicate with other players on the high seas, alongside a new instrument in the Drum, which will form a key part of uncovering the secrets of the Megalodon. We are also introducing Scars and Tattoos with this update for players to further customize their pirate look. There are a series of time-limited cosmetic rewards included with the campaign, so get out there on the seas and keep an eye on what’s beneath the water. We don’t want to spoil the entire adventure, so we’ll let you discover the rest for yourselves.

The Hungering Deep update is available without charge to all “Sea of Thieves” players who have bought the game across the Xbox One family of devices or on Windows 10 PC, or who have access to it as part of Xbox Game Pass. Just download and install the latest “Sea of Thieves” update to get access. And don’t worry, if you’re unable to take part in the time-limited campaign, all of the features introduced with this campaign (including of course the Megalodon) will remain in the Sea of Thieves world for everyone to see and experience.

For more information, visit The Hungering Deep campaign page on the “Sea of Thieves” website, watch our Design Director and I talk about our approach to content updates and campaigns, or dig into the Developer Update video and release notes that accompany today’s update.

We’re also excited to announce that this is just the start, as “Sea of Thieves” players can expect to see a lot of new things over the coming months. We have two more planned updates this summer – Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. We will constantly be listening to community feedback, and will continue making ongoing changes to the game to ensure players are receive the best experience possible. The team can’t wait to share what’s next.

Exciting times! See you out on the seas.

-Joe Neate, Executive Producer, Rare

A trailer for the campaign was also released!

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