Sea of Thieves Update: Weekly Patch Belayed, Shops Adjusted

The latest developer update with Joe Neate brings news across the seas on the status of Sea of Thieves.

First, Neate addresses player feedback from last week’s update, which added cosmetic items to shops. Although many were pleased, some fans reported that some items looked too similar, and in response, the development team removed the relevant items. In addition, upon reviewing the items that were added, the team realized that some items were too expensive. These items had their prices lowered. Players who purchased these items will be refunded in gold over the coming days.

This week’s update was delayed due to issues for PC players. The Team of Thieves, not wishing to compromise player experience for the sake of punctuality, chose to fix the issues first before releasing it. When it’s released, the update will feature some exciting new mechanics. Players will now be able to hand each other materials, such as bananas and cannonballs. When swimming in water, players’ gamer tags will be hidden from view, allowing pirates to stage sneak attacks if they so choose, or evade fire from opponents. Drop rates have been altered to give higher-level players less Castaway chests, and more loot that suits their experience. Huzzah!

However, perhaps the most promising parts of this update relate to matchmaking. Neate tells us that players will soon have the opportunity to indicate whether they would only like to play with friends, and close their games to random matches. This will allow people to customize and fine-tune their experience in the game, to be exactly how they want.

At the end of this update, Neate fed us a bit more information for the upcoming “Hungering Deep” event. The dedicated team, hard at work, will be releasing a trailer this week, on an as-of-yet unannounced date. According to the video, they’ll be using this “medium-sized” update to test a new method of adding content to the game, and although they seem to be keeping mum about what that entails, puzzles and player collaboration were mentioned.

You can check out the update video here. More information about the game can be found on their website.

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