Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One has only been live since late December of last year. That hasn’t stopped PUBG Corp and Microsoft from continuously updating the Game Preview title, and the PUBG Spring Update is no different.

Miramar, a map that has been available for PC players since the end of last year is now currently accessible to all players, along with the R45 revolver, the sawed-off shotgun and the Win94 lever-action rifle weapons. In addition, players will be able to access Miramar specific vehicles, tuned for the new terrains that the map has to offer.

That isn’t all in terms of this update, as Microsoft and PUBG Corp are taking the update to continue improving optimization and stability throughout the entire PUBG Xbox Game Preview experience.

Players will continue to see regular updates that improve terrain and building interior load times upon landing, as well as reduced instances of crashing and instability across the entire game. We are actively listening to player feedback and using it inform our ongoing development – be sure to share your comments, questions, feedback, and issues to

Last, but not least, PUBG on Xbox One will be getting two new DLC packs at $4.99 each:

We’re excited to release an all new variant of the fan-favorite Track Suit for players that missed out on the previous version’s release – the Golden Tracksuit. In-game players will find this set referred to as the TrackSuit top (yellow) and TrackSuit pant (yellow). In addition to the Golden Tracksuit, we are releasing the Instructor Set pack for Xbox One players featuring an exclusive orange shirt, shorts, and camouflage cap.

PUBG is currently available via the Xbox One Game Preview program digitally and at retail.

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