Now You Can Gift PC Games On The Microsoft Store

That is if you use the store on Windows 10

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new option for users of their Windows 10 OS. Introducing the ability to gift digital games and DLC on the Microsoft store, which is now available now. This aligns the store along with other digital storefronts, such as Steam, GOG, Origin Access and Humble Bundle.

All you have to do is load up the Microsoft Store, find the game you want to send your friend/family and just click the “Buy as gift” option. Then give the email address of the person you’re sending it to and you’re done. However, there are still a few restrictions. Free games or pre-orders aren’t able to be gifted. You also can only gift two discounted games per two weeks and gifted items are locked to the region of the person who purchased the game.


While it’s nice that Microsoft has given the store the ability to gift PC games, there’s just one problem. The Microsoft store isn’t exactly winner over any fans. As it stands, Microsoft has made efforts to make the store easier to navigate. Yet the overall functionality still has a way to go. Even to this day, users complain about not being able to install their games successfully via the store.

I just wish that Microsoft would take everything that went into making the Xbox Live store so good and bring it over to Windows. Hopefully, Microsoft is taking notes and is working on that already.

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