The Nintendo Switch has been on fire since its launch in March of last year. One of the biggest reasons for this was that Nintendo made sure that their new console has plenty of software from both 1st and 3rd party developers. And pretty much every single one of their 1st party games (so far) has sold over 1 million copies. But, with this year still a mystery in terms of what we’re getting, is Nintendo planning to keep the momentum going?

Well, according to President Tatsumi Kimishima, they are. They want to make sure that the Switch has games throughout its lifespan to keep players coming back:

As for the Nintendo Switch life cycle, we need to steadily provide new experiences that will keep consumers always wanting to play Nintendo Switch in order to maintain sales for a long time. Our company has a lot of experience with selling gaming systems, and we will actively incorporate everything we have learned, including our failures, into our planning.

That’s very reassuring, and its makes us hopeful for some big reveals at E3 2018. But don’t confuse their desire for sales and gaming success with wanting to surpass the Nintendo Wii’s lifetime sales. Kimishima states that’s not a priority:

Changing environmental factors, including the activities of other companies, can impact the Nintendo Switch life cycle. So the benchmark is not whether the Nintendo Switch sales can surpass total Wii sales, but rather how we adapt and respond to changes in the market and strive to continue selling Nintendo Switch as long as possible.

We’ll have to see how it all breaks down.