Luke Cage Is In For The Fight Of His Life In Season Two’s New Trailer

Damn, you got knocked the F&$K out!

Things are about to get interesting for Harlem’s would-be-protector. You see, Luke Cage has done many times in the short time he’s been the city’s defender. He’s taken hits, bullets, and even the kitchen sink. Yet he takes a licking and comes back swinging. That’s our man, doing the righteous work.

However, in season two he’s about to run head smack into something he’s never faced before. Someone who has the same power set as him in Bushmaster. This is the proverbial question that’s been asked throughout time; what happens when the immovable object meets the unstoppable force? Well, something has to give and it’s going to be interesting to seeing how far Luke is willing to go to take on this new menace.

Who those who’ve read the earlier Luke Cage comic books. Bushmaster is a big-time bad guy and to make sure he was a match for anyone, he kidnapped the doctor who gave Luke his powers and forced him to do same for him. Except that he’s even stronger than Luke and that is definitely trouble. I’m also really happy that they choose to go with this villain. I want to see more epic fights. But that’s all, as both Mariah and Shades also show up in the recently released trailer. Whatever those two are up to, it’s no good for Luke and his crew.

Not everything is grim, as we also get to see Misty Knight in action. Complete with her new robotic arm. Originally this arm was provided by old shell head himself, Tony Stark. Seeing how the MCU isn’t really connected to the TV shows, I’m wondering who provides Misty with this cybernetic wonder. That said, I’m not feeling the look of it. Hopefully, it grows on me or it changes during the season.

I’m definitely looking forward to season two of Luke Cage and you should too when it streams on June 22, 2018, only on Netflix.


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