Freebird Games recently announced that its indie darling To the Moon will become an animated film. Eurogamer reports that the movie has already been in production for two years. A joint venture between studios in Japan and China, the film will reportedly have a relatively high production value. 

Never played To the Moon? Neither have I, but it’s been on my radar for a while. The story focuses on two scientists trying to alter a dying man’s memories. Usually this would seem like a recipe for evil, but apparently their intentions are good. You see, the elderly man always wanted to become an astronaut but never did. So, the duo hopes to implant memories in his mind that he in fact made it… to the moon. 

One thing helping the film adaptation is the fact that the game’s creator, Kan Gao, is on board for consulting and assisting in writing the script. Since he’s still primarily making games, he won’t directly oversee the project. But he will “help steer in the right direction.” To him, it’s important that the film “have a mind of its own” to separate it from the game. As for him? Gao recently released Finding Paradise, a followup to To the Moon. With that finished, he’s already begun work on another game. 

No word yet on when the film will release. But that should at least give those of us who haven’t played To the Moon some time to do so. From what I’ve heard, it may be a good idea to pick up some tissues beforehand.

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