Gal*Gun Double Peace was a hilarious take on the rail shooter genre and quite the entertaining one at that. Imagine the possibility of being so popular with the girls (all because you got shot with an arrow that increased your pheromones) that you have to shoot near orgasms out of them with a makeshift gun. The hilarity was endless in that game, and Gal*Gun 2 takes it a step further.

Game Name: Gal*Gun 2
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch (reviewed), PlayStation 4
Publisher(s): P*Qube
Developer(s): INTI CREATES CO., LTD
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Price: $59.99

It’s all about the plot, ladies, and gents. And there’s a lot of it if you know what I mean. You play the role of a high school boy who notices a weird app on his phone and decides to open it. An angel named Risu pops up, revealing the fact that you have been chosen to exorcise demons out of the girls in your school. Sounds fun, right? It gets better, trust me. While exorcising these girls, you’re equipped with a VR headset called the “Pheromone Glasses,” which have quite the side effect.

That side effect, whether you like it or not, is a massive pheromone boost, attracting MOST girls to you. The best part? You have to shoot them off without them giving you love and affection. This hurts, but it’s still stupidly hilarious. You’re equipped with a magical hairdryer (Demon Sweeper) that acts like a vacuum to suck up the chibi demons that appear after you shoot the girls into “submission” using your Pheromone Shots. While it takes a few hits to take the ladies out, with some careful aiming, you can one-hit KO them with an “Ecstasy Shot.” These ecstasy shots are noted by katakana characters that pop up in either pink or yellow and are the most erogenous zones on their body. It may be the eyes, it may be close to their private parts, you’ll only figure it out by aiming your reticle. Some of the ladies have demons attached to them, creating an impenetrable wall around them, which means you have to knock the demons off before shutting the girl down before she gets to you and damages you. These supercharged ladies can do more damage overall, so be very quick and careful, you just might die faster.


However, past that, the missions you encounter are quite repetitive. They revolve around your standard rail shooter missions, defense missions, and search missions. Defense missions, which are indicated with a shield, have you defending the girls from incoming demon attacks. Attacks such as prodding with a spear or health leeching can deplete their life bar. Defeat the demons to clear the round. However, if all the girl’s life bars drop to zero, you lose. Search missions (indicated with a gift box) require you to find hidden objects throughout the stage.

Most items are behind movable objects which you can shoot away or suck up with your Demon Sweeper. Beware, however, there are traps that can trigger either a horde of demons (Mini Demon Summon Trap) or a horde of girls (Girls Looking Around.) If you’re discovered, dealing with them quickly is the only way to get back to your search mission, because items cannot be picked up while you are dealing with these traps. Get all the items within the time limit, and you will have passed the mode. In my experience, these modes are simple enough to pass through, as long as you’re paying close enough attention to detail, although they can get overwhelming at times. I can at least admit that.

Doki Doki Mode (indicated by a heart pattern) is the most interesting of the four main modes of Gal*Gun 2. In Doki Doki mode, which can also be triggered via your cellphone menu’s ‘Delusion” option while hanging out with one of the many girls you encounter throughout the game, the objective is to shoot the demons out of the girl, in quite the fantasy setting. Think what you may, this mode made me laugh more than anything else, just for the sheer reach that this game is achieving into the eroge (erotic game) subgenre. Shooting girls with your Demon Sweeper in almost every nook and cranny to get the demons out sounded ridiculous, and it looks just as stupid as it sounds. But it is that inane fun that kept me going throughout the mode. As I continued throughout this mode, I got too many laughs out of seeing these girls moan and squirm as I shot the demons out and sucked them up. Sure, this mode is dumb, but like I said before, it is silly fun.


Outside of the modes outlined here, there are boss fights that are strewn throughout the main missions, which require dissipating the boss’ demon energy barrier and sucking up the chibi demons that show up, whittling down their health until the battle is over. There is also a mode during downtime, where you can either call one of many different girls to spend time with them, as well as chatting with your next door neighbor, who is a female NEET who is feigning injury to stay out of school (it is to note that she is the only one unaffected by the Pheromone Goggles.) During this mode, you can chat with them, give them gifts and find out more about them.

Control scheme-wise, it’s fairly simple. Most of your actions are tied to the Joy-Con/Pro Controller buttons, with the motion controls being mostly utilized for camera movement. While I do like the fluidity of the motion controlled camera, I still went back to using the right stick for my camera movement, as even after a full year-plus with the Nintendo Switch, I’m not used to motion controls for the camera.

All in all, Gal*Gun 2 isn’t the longest game, but it can feel repetitively long at times, which many would consider a bad thing. Nonetheless, 

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Gal*Gun 2 is silly, fun but a bit repetitive


Gal*Gun 2 is as niche as niche can be, bordering on eroge at times. It’s repetitive, it’s silly, but damn if it isn’t fun to kill some time with, especially since it’s in a portable package on the Nintendo Switch.


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