After Bethesda’s cryptic tweets and Twitch stream of the familiar “Please Stand By” reel from past Fallout loading screens they made an unexpected announcement by the name of Fallout 76. They did so with a teaser trailer which you can watch for yourself down below.

The trailer features an unexpectedly sane looking vault whose denizens seem to have it pretty cushy considering the fate of other Vault-Tec experiments. The camera pans from the radio of a Pip-Boy playing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” which could indicate the game’s setting might be West Virginia. Other than the obviously safe and domestic lifestyle the dwellers lead, a poster that reads “Reclamation Day,” and balloons and confetti everywhere not much more can be gleaned from the teaser.

When reports of Bethesda’s tweets surfaced immediate speculation went to pretty much everything other than what the game is reportedly turning out to be. Fans and journalists alike took random guesses as to what Bethesda’s newest title could be, but when Fallout 76’s name was announced the previous talk was quickly silenced. Instead of a remaster, remake, or direct sequel, it’s been said that the new game will actually be an online survival title. A voice also comes to life in the trailer saying “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.” This could very well be another indication of the direction of 76 as it will expand upon the base building mechanics in Fallout 4, as well as the RPG elements the company is famous for.

Time will tell what the future has in store for us in regards to Bethesda’s latest project, and with E3 looming around the corner this trailer is hopefully only a small piece of what we’ll see from Fallout 76. Regardless, Todd Howard and company have piqued our collective interest yet again.

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