Let’s rewind, shall we? E3 2017, Nintendo is killing it during their digital event, and then, they revealed that Metroid Prime 4 is coming. And we all screamed, loudly, and happily. Nintendo was finally listening to us and bringing Metroid back. But, we didn’t know when it was coming, all they would say was that it was “in development” for Switch and that it was NOT being made by Retro Studios.

Fast forward to now, and a leak from Wal-Mart Canada’s online store has “revealed” several video games that seem to be coming out this year, and one of them, is Metroid Prime 4. In fact, you can actually pre-order it apparently.

Now to be clear, this is NOT confirmed. However, the only other Switch games on that list were Super Smash Bros (which we know is coming out potentially this year) and NBA 2K19, which again, will come out this year. So why post up Metroid Prime 4 if it’s not coming out this year?

Here’s hoping we get an actual trailer for the game once E3 2018 makes it way around.

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