DC Comics has had a tepid relationship with its endeavors on-screen to say the least, but it appears they hope to break that mold with the confident announcement of a new streaming service by the name of DC Universe. Fans of the company’s multiple series on TV should be excited, or at the very least attentive, since this announcement brings a host of new shows with it.

dc universe

On that list of new shows is a live-action Titans, the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, an animated Harley Quinn series, and Swamp Thing. We know little about the shows or what the streaming service will have to offer beyond that, but we did get a sneak peek at the title cards of each one. Furthermore, the website states that access to the original shows will be, “One of the many incredible things your membership will include…”

We have little more to go on than that for now. We’ve seen a leaked preview of a few characters to be featured in Titans, as well as the actors that will play them, and we know that the new season of Young Justice will bear the subtitle Outsiders. Subscription price(s) and the release date for the service remain unconfirmed as of yet.

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