Cliff Bleszinski, also known as “CliffyB”, has announced that development studio Boss Key Productions is no more. Founded in 2014, the studio was the come back of the famed founder, into the gaming industry. Now that’s over and gone.

In a recent tweet via his official account, he states that he’s closing down the studio due to several factors. The first being that their first-person shooter, Law Breakers, didn’t do as well as the studio had hoped. The number of players steadily dropped until the game hit less than 30 users playing it at one point. Nexon, the publisher of the title had written it off earlier this year. In doing so, they kind of blamed another game for stealing its thunder; that game being PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Following that up, he states he just wants to focus on himself and his family.

cliffyb-closes bosskey productionsSo far the only mention of this is on CliffyB’s Twitter account. The Boss Key Productions website is still up with no mention of this at all.  As the team at Boss Key, this sadly means that they’ll be looking for new employment. Here’s to hoping they find gainful employment sooner than later.

As for Radical Heights, it will stay online for the foreseeable future. But without Boss Key at the helm, who knows what will happen to it. Or if Nexon, the publisher for the title, will take over after the studio is officially closed down. As for those who purchased Law Breakers, I’d recommend trying to get a refund. However, it looks like Sony is already denying PS4 owners. No word if PC or Xbox users are having the same luck.

This stinks, as I really enjoyed Cliff Bleszinski’s works. Especially as I grew up with the Epic Games of old, with the Unreal / Unreal Tournament games. But I do understand, as well as I know how being burnt out can really affect your outlook on life. That said, he should take all the time in the world, it’s definitely worth it.

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