An absolutely heartwarming new trailer recently gave us another look at Christopher Robin, the adorable movie featuring Ewan McGregor as a grown-up Christopher Robin as he reunites with his friend Winnie the Pooh and his other Hundred Acre Wood pals. The trailer alone is sure to put a smile on your face as director Marc Forester is clearly aiming right at our sense of nostalgia with this film.

A rundown businessman caught up in a bustling London lifestyle, Christopher Robin is a man who’s having trouble balancing family and work. This dire situation is made quickly apparent to his old friend Pooh who pays him a visit one day out in the real world.

The trailer shows us scenes of a gleeful Robin refilled with the bygone wonder and fun of his youthful years, greeting all the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood, and apologizing for his absence. The gang of fuzzy creatures then takes it upon their lovable selves to cheer their human friend up and remind him what it was like to know joy.

In addition to an undeniably charming plot and trailer, Jim Cummings has reprised his role as Pooh, giving us the familiar voice we’ve come to know and love over the last few decades. We can make our return to the Hundred Acre Wood when Christopher Robin reaches theaters August 3rd.

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