FUNimation announced that the third season of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan anime will premiere in U.S. and Canadian theaters! 130 theaters in total will play the first episode of the anime from July 10-11. The event will also include a showing of Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening which is an animated film which recaps the second season of the television anime.

The screening on July 10 will include Japanese audio with English subtitles while the screening on July 11 will contain the English dub of the first episode. These screening coincide with the worldwide premiere of the anime and marks the first time that Attack on Titan will have its world premiere in North America alongside Japan.

This is also a special moment for U.S. audiences as the United States doesn’t typically run television premieres or finales, let alone ones that are animated, in movie theaters. This is actually a common practice in Japan as several anime titles have had their series premieres or finales held within theaters. It’s refreshing that we get to experience that here in North America. It certainly is an extremely rare treat for any anime fan!


A key visual for the event has been released by FUNimation which you can view below.

For more information about the theatrical release, check out the following link:

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