VIZ Media made the announcement at this year’s Anime Central that they have licensed Reki Kawahara’s Accel World: Infinite Burst movie in addition to the both Accel World OVA’s. 

There is, currently, no release date for the movie; however, VIZ Media did announce the English dub cast. 

The returning cast members from Viz Media‘s English dub of the television anime include:

  • Kira Buckland as Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus
  • Erik Scott Kimerer as Haruyuki Arita/Silver Crow
  • Lucien Dodge as Takumu Mayuzumi/Cyan Pile
  • Stephanie Sheh as Chiyuri Kurashima/Lime Bell
  • Johanna Luis as Fuko Kurosaki/Sky Raker
  • Trinity Lee as Akira Himi/Aqua Current
  • Sarah Anne Williams as Yuniko Kōzuki/Scarlet Rain
  • Erika Harlacher as Blood Leopard
  • Ben Diskin as Ash Roller
  • Kaiji Tang as Blue Knight

New cast members include:

  • Xanthe Huynh as Utai Shinomiya
  • Jay Allen White as Green Grandee
  • Vic Mignogna as Viridian Decurion, Yellow Radio (previously voiced Yellow Radio in TV anime)
  • Austin Lee Matthews as Iron Pound
  • Jessica Straus as Lignum Vitae, Purple Thorn (previously voiced Purple Thorn in TV anime)
  • Faye Mata as Sundan Schaefer, Lemon Pierrette
  • Kayli Mills as Risa Tsukiori
  • Cassandra Lee Morris as Nyx
  • Laura Post as Metatron

Yen Press is currently publishing the light nov

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