20XX Makes Its Console Debut On The PS4, Xbox One And Switch This July

You’ve heard us talk and write about the non-Mega Man title, 20XX for quite some time. It’s been available on the PC as an early access title for a few years and recently went retail. We love it, it’s fun, we can’t get enough of it. Except that our console friends haven’t been able to get into the account. That is until now. PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch fans, you’ll get your hands on the title as of July 10, 2018. While Xbox One owners will get it the following day, July 11, 2018. 

20XX is a marriage of classic action platformer gameplay with modern roguelike design.” “The project has been such an incredible success for our team on PC and we can’t wait to bring console players into the fold when it launches in July. — Chris King, founder of Batterystaple Games

For those who aren’t aware of what 20XX is, it’s a roguelike platformer, that draws heavily from the Mega Man games. But it tosses in some more exciting gameplay elements, procedurally generated levels, and more. Ensuring that every gaming session is a new experience.  It also has couch gaming co-op, as well as online.


That’s not all, as the console release will also include the Hawk DLC pack, which includes a third character to the game. Packing a whip-like attack, Hawk puts the other two characters to shame (well, not really) as she can snatch energy from anyone who opposes her. She’s easily my favorite character of the three playable heroes. Though, the other two aren’t bad either. 

Simply put, if you like platformers, lots of action or fantastic games, you’ll want to give this a try. I’ve in love with this game since I played it several PAX East events ago. I’ve seen the game evolve over time and have seen the love that Batterystaple Games has put into this gem. If you enjoyed the Mega Man games of the past, don’t miss out on 20XX!

P.S — Chris, you finally did it, man! We’re so happy for you!

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