A little over a month ago, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its newest expansion for Hearthstone! The expansion is known as The Witchwood and when it was first known, we immediately reached out to Christine Yeo, the PR Manager at Blizzard for Hearthstone. We asked if there was any chance that The Outerhaven could get an exclusive card reveal for the upcoming expansion and we were met with silence… until just a couple of short days ago! 

We received an E-Mail response from Christine thanking us for our interest in revealing a Witchwood card and upon reviewing our website, they decided to give us the honor to unveil one right here on Easter Sunday!

So without further adieu, we are honored to unveil a new Epic Priest spell!


Card Analysis: It seems as if Blizzard wants to keep “crazy and fun” as a theme for Priest in the upcoming expansion. Purify is set to rotate out of standard when The Witchwood launches and while the card was met with extreme criticism and, eventually, a ban from Arena mode, Purify still inspired some decks that people could play with friends and Absolve looks to continue that thought process heading into the future.

With The Witchwood, Blizzard unveiled an evens and odds theme where certain cards would only work if your deck contained only even-cost minions or odd-cost minions. This is just the latest card to be influenced by this new mechanic. It still has the same effect as Purify, but now you get the added bonus of drawing two cards instead of one. One thing to note about this card is its rarity. Purify was a Common quality card, but with this being Epic quality, there is a reduced chance that we will see this come up in an Arena draft. Given the new Arena balance adjustments, cards are now generated based on similar power levels. Since Absolve’s power level is already rock-bottom low, there’s an even lower chance it will come up as a choice when drafting Priest in arena… at least that’s the hope that the Hearthstone development team has in mind.

Is drawing two cards a good enough offset to pay four mana for in exchange for making one of your own minions completely useless? In my opinion, no, but my opinion is irrelevant because we’re getting the card anyway.

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