In honor of the one year anniversary of The Everlasting: Eye of the Wise light novel by Biako, Vic’s Lab, LLC, recently launched a fundraising campaign on to release an updated edition with interior art.

The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $300 and will end on May 1, 2018. Backers of the project can pledge amounts as low as $1, and rewards include an ebook edition for $5, which is lower than it’s $5.99 retail price, and a print edition and four other rewards for $25.

“We want fans of the novel to decide whether they want a new edition of The Everlasting with interior art,” said company founder Chad “Vic” Adams. “We felt that the best way to gauge public interest is to launch a Kickstarter and reward backers for their contribution.”

If funds surpass the goal within a short time-frame, the company plans to add stretch goals. Under consideration are more art, a book trailer, and/or publishing additional volumes in the series.

The project can be found at

Vic’s Lab, LLC, is the first U.S. publisher focused on original English light novels (OELNs). OELNs are books similar to Japanese light novels but originally written in English. The company also provides a social networking site at for light novel fans. New to the site are badges awarded based on activity, published authors being featured, and the ability for members to bookmark and recommend blog posts. Features being tested are blogs for members, chat rooms, poll creation, and more. Joining the light novel community is free.

You can visit Vic’s Lab by going to

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