The Weeknd Releases His Own Comic Through Marvel

Fans who have been following The Weeknd and his most recent non-musical endeavors should be excited, as his first comic, The Weeknd Presents: Starboy was just released over the weekend. The panels come to us through a collaborative effort by The Weeknd himself and Marvel comics and are based on his latest studio album, bringing his artistic vision to a whole new medium. The cover sports his post Trilogy haircut, his usual despondent look, and a glowing purple arm. Alongside Christos Gate and La Mar Taylor, the singer co-wrote the comic and brought his superhero persona to life on the page.


Marvel even gave us a sneak peak as to what the plot of the first comic will be prior to its Friday release. Featuring the despicable cannibal Jack “The Chef” Smiley who is plaguing the city with a fierce crime wave by banding all of the major criminal organizations together. The citizens live in fear and the police have been suppressed by violent attacks against them, clearly, the city of Alphatron needs a savior. That’s where Starboy comes in!

The singer also released a few panels in a sneak peek on Twitter where he has been hyping up the release of the comic since a few days before its release. This indeed feels very Weeknd created and inspired, and is a strong indication of what the full comic has in store for readers. The singer even voiced his own excitement, stating “Marvel is the pinnacle of success in their field and I’ve been a lifelong fan of their work. To be able to partner with them is a dream come true.”

The collaborative project is currently available digitally and will receive a physical release on June 13th. If this comic is something that you’ve been looking forward to the wait is finally over!

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