The Outerhaven Weekly YouTube Roundup April 29, 2018

We here at the Outerhaven want you to know us not only for our passions surrounding gaming, tech, television, movies, anime, manga, etc. Every week we’re going to deliver to you a list of videos we have been checking out while cyberloafing the internet. It gives you a chance to see another side to us, one that isn’t focused on covering the latest news or reviews. While this list will be largely safe for work, we must warn against things that may incite any phobias that you may have. Enjoy!


Keith’s Pick:

Because it’s Dark Souls!

Josh’s Pick:

Mega Man is my all-time favorite franchise, but the series has had some misses from time to time. One of those, in my opinion, was Mega Man X5. I felt that it tried to do way too much that the series was meant for. In addition, the oddly translated maverick names felt completely out of place (i.e. The Skiver vs Spiral Pegasus or Duff McWhalen vs Tidal Whale). Despite some of the more my personal opinions about the disappointing aspects surrounding X5, one YouTube user, X MaverickHunter, is embarking on 3D modeling some of the characters from the franchise. He already did Mattrex (aka Burn Dinorex) and has now moved onto the maverick that I am featuring in this video… Grizzly Slash (aka Slash Grizzly… wait… they just reversed his name!?) Enjoy.

Will’s Pick:

While I’m new on the whole virtual  youtube bandwagon, I quickly took interest to the main one Kizuna Ai. But also to others like Mirai Akari. I missed the days of Horror games scaring the bejeebus out of the player. Akari’s reaction to the VR game Until Dawn Rush of Blood is just hilarious. Worry not, there are English subtittles. Enjoy!




That’s all for week’s roundup. Tune back in next week to see what we are sharing next!

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