Sad news today out of Starz – the channel is cancelling horror comedy series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The season 3 finale will now double as the series finale, which hopefully means its going to be a good one. No explicit reason was given for why the show was canceled, so it most likely was a decision to cull it as a means of taking the channel in a different direction. 

Ash vs. Evil Dead has taken audiences on a wild ride for three seasons thanks to the fantastic performances and creative efforts of Sam, Bruce, Rob, and the entire cast and crew. We are proud to send the show out with a bang … and a splat,” said Carmi Zlotnik, president of programming at Starz, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Ash vs. Evil Dead has been the ride of a lifetime,” Campbell said. “Ash Williams was the role of a lifetime. It was an honor to reunite with Evil Dead partners Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to give our tireless fans another taste of the outrageous horror/comedy they demanded. I will always be grateful to Starz for the opportunity to revisit the franchise that launched our careers.”

One can’t help but wonder why the channel has decided now, mid-season, to end the show, but perhaps it points to bigger problems behind the scenes. After all, they had some major problems with American Gods when its two showrunners left and nearly took the show with them. 

For those who have yet to tune in to the show, it follows Ash, a man plagued by demons called deadites after an encounter in a cabin in the woods. Now with the help of his friend Pedro and Kelly, he continues the fight as the world continues to be put in danger by the forces of darkness. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see the character and his boom stick, but we can only hope that he gets the send off he deserves, or at least a bloody good one.

The series finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead will air on Starz on April 29, 2018.