Disney hasn’t shied away from creating new content at all since acquiring Star Wars, already hiring Solo star Alden Ehrenreich for three more films, and riding high off the success of The Last Jedi. Recently the media behemoth announced that Disney Channel will be receiving an animated series by the name of Star Wars Resistance this fall.

Resistance is in very capable hands as Dave Filoni, the man behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, will receive the creator and executive producer credits for the show. Both of his previous series for the network have been heralded by critics and fans alike as excellent expansions to the Star Wars universe, so it’s no surprise that Disney has picked him to head up their latest show set in a galaxy far far away.

The story will feature a young Resistance recruit named Kazuda Xiono, a pilot who is given a spy mission to carry out against the First Order and their nefarious plans. The story is set before the events of The Force Awakens, continuing the run of Filoni’s animated Star Wars prequels on Disney networks.

In addition to all the news surrounding the plot and direction Disney also declared the appearance of Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron in the series, both of whom are to be voiced by their original actors. And of course, the characters without voice actors are worth mentioning too, as BB-8 is set to be a staple in the series “alongside ace pilots” and “colorful new characters” according to Disney. The soaring action of Resistance was inspired by Filoni’s fascination with World War II-era pilots. The creator voiced his confidence in the high intensity, fast-paced action the new series will provide, and also mentioned the excitement felt by the team of veterans working on the show.

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