Spider-Man Revealed as Game Informer’s May Cover Story

Game Informer has revealed that Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man will be its featured cover story for the month of May. This means that in the coming weeks, we’ll be getting more information on gameplay, its open-world format and exploration, and story. But that’s not all – Game Informer teases that they know the game’s release date, and Insomniac confirms that it will be revealed tomorrow. 

Up until this point, Sony and Insomniac have kept a tight lid on when Spider-Man would be released, sticking to a soft “2018” release. Now it seems the game could be coming much sooner than anticipated; God of War was featured in Game Informer‘s February issue and is being released later this month, April 20th. And with Detroit: Become Human arriving on May 25th, maybe we can expect the summer to kick off with Spider-Man, rounding out a hefty lineup of PS4 exclusives. But of course, we’ll know tomorrow for sure. 

Game Informer has also shared a brief trailer for its Spider-Man coverage, featuring some previously unseen gameplay and information on what to expect. The developers note that the game will follow a more skilled, experienced Spider-Man, allowing players to experience varied combat, web-slinging and exploration. 

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