The action continues as the second half of the inaugural season thunders on.  Just as we all scramble to climb the ladder with the end of the competitive season looming, so too looms the end of this stage.  Only two weeks are left until the stage three finals.  Each team has to be looking to get a few more wins, either solidify their position at the top (Boston, NYXL) or climb up into the stage playoff race.  (Houston, Gladiators).  As the stakes continue to raise, so does the level of play on the virtual fields.  Expect teams to start breaking out their secret strats to get these last wins.  


Custom Jerseys now Available

Into the AM, which previously offered Overwatch League jerseys of specific players, now has a custom jersey option available.  For slightly more than the price of one of those player jerseys you can get one from any team with any name, including yours.  


NRG Esports, San Francisco Shock partner with the University of California Berkeley

In a press release from UC Berkeley the school announced a new partnership with NRG esports and the San Francisco Shock.   The partnership will allow the creation “the new campus esports community center”.  


Vote for the Overwatch League MVP Now

An article from the official site announced yesterday that you can now vote for the Overwatch League MVP on twitter.  Fans can use the tag or twitter handle of the player they pick to vote for them on twitter.  The MVP will be announced on July 11th.  


VOD of the Week

Los Angeles Gladiators (13-13) vs. Los Angeles Valiant (16-10)

The battle for Los Angeles was fierce last week.  Like the album of the same name it just gets better with time.  The five map series was hard fought the whole way through.  The fight went back and forth and as it did, it became clear how much these teams had prepared for this match up.  Most rivalries as still forming in the league, but this one is already set in stone.  If you want to see some of the best Overwatch that the Gladiators have had this season, then you want to see this match.   

Series of the Week

Los Angeles Gladiators (13-13) vs. London Spitfire (17-9)

This week it was a hard pick.  There are a number of teams that are on the outside of the stage playoffs looking in.  These teams need not only one win this week but both to have a real shot at that stage bonus.  One of those teams with a real shot is the LA Gladiators.  The Gladiators currently sit at 5th place.  Although they have the same win/loss record as several other teams they have the best map differential (+3) of the group.  Their Thursday bout against the Spitfire will be their toughest fight this week, but it’s one they must win.  

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