It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway though the season.  The Overwatch League has been an exciting and fun experience and it doesn’t look to change anytime soon.  With more new talent coming in as well as some patch changes to characters there’s a lot to be excited about.  


Overwatch League Expanding Stage Finals

The OWL has expanded the Stage Finals.  Now the top four teams will fight it out for the stage championship bonus.  The kicker here is that now the number one seed will decide which team they will face first.  In the post match interview with Ark from the Stage Two Finals he said that the team had been preparing for London rather than the Fusion.  This new format would eliminate that problem.  

Latest punishments

Eqo will be punished by his team for actions on his personal stream.  Tucker Roberts, the president of the Fusion, apologized for Eqo and has stated on twitter that “We are working on a punishment now.”  Eqo has also publicly apologized for his actions on twitter.   

Roster Changes

Deadline day has come and gone.  Rosters have now been locked in and it seems that nearly every team has taken the opportunity to add some new talent or make some trades.  These teams and their new players will all be looking to make they’re mark on the league and move up on the table.  

For a list of all the adds and trades you can check out the official site.  


VOD of the Week

Stage Two Finals: NYXL (18-2) vs. Philadelphia Fusion (13-7)

I really cannot understate how big this match was.  The NYXL had been on top of the league the entire stage and were hungry for a rematch against the London Spitfire.  What they got instead was an equally hungry Philly Fusion.  A perfect storm of wins and losses put the Fusion into the stage playoffs and the team stepped up to the challenge.  They surprised everyone and advanced to the final to play one of the best series in the league yet.  We’ve already covered this match in detail so suffice to say it’s worth another watch.   


Series of the Week

Dallas Fuel (5-15) vs. Shanghai Dragons (0-20)

This week we’re going to highlight the fist map of the new stage between the two weakest teams in the league.  The Dallas Fuel have had their roster rocked by suspensions and trades so will be coming into this stage a whole new way.  Which is good.  This is a team that desperately needs to change what they’re doing now in order to have a shot at the finals.  Of course, this isn’t to say that Shanghai has any time to waste.  Sitting at the bottom of the league with no wins the Dragons have added several new players to their roster recently.  Most famously “Geguri” Seyeon Kim from Korea.  Seeing how the Dragons integrate these new players will be interesting, but the big question is; Will this get the Dragons their first win?  Florida Mayhem aside, the Fuel are the next weakest team so today could be the day Shanghai gets that W.  

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