Easily one of the biggest 3rd party titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this year is the Square Enix exclusive Octopath Traveler. This unique RPG will bring 8 characters on journies that will span a vast kingdom, and a new trailer has revealed even more of what we can expect.

First up, we got H’aanit the Hunter. She is a woman who is out in search of her master, who went on a quest to stop a fiend, yet hasn’t been seen since. Her special ability is Provoke, in which she can summon monsters and beasts to scare people and clear paths that were blocked to her before.

Then, there’s Therion the Thief. He’s contracted by a “mysterious client” to get a rare gemstone, and goes on a journey to get it. His special ability it Steal…obviously. He can take items from people that other characters wouldn’t have the ability to. And he can either keep them, or give them to “customers” for something in return.

But that’s not all the trailer revealed, for Octopath Traveler has a unique twist on the “Good/Evil” choices in the game. There are Noble actions, and then Rogue ones. Noble actions can be done without fear of recourse in many cases, but, can’t be used all the time. Rogue actions however can be done at anytime, but, if you fail in your actions, it can hurt your reputation in the area you are in.

Finally, the trailer noted that there will be plenty of sidequests and stories for you to partake in. Which makes Octopath Traveler even more expansive.

The game releases on Nintendo Switch on July 13th.

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