Mixer (formerly known as Beam), Microsoft’s open platform streaming service has been going through a bit of a transformation as late. On top of the amazingly good FTL (Faster Than Light) protocol that provides sub two second streams and at times under one second, they’ve adding more and more features to the service. It’s quite frankly why I stream to the service.

However, there’s one feature that I know has been on the top of everyone’s minds. That being able to save and share short clips of footage. Similar to what Twitch already has, gamers want the ability to save that epic headshot, or finding a piece of loot for all to see. Sadly, for now you have to scroll through the entire VOD to find that moment or use a 3rd party service like Boom.TV.

However, it appears that the folks at Mixer have been watching and listening. Earlier today a fellow Streamer who goes by the name of HavocNinja37 was talking about this feature sorely being needed. This feature has been one of the most requested over at the Mixer Feedback section.

Out of the blue, the official Mixer account stopped by and ensured him that this feature is being worked on. 

While we don’t know when this feature is going to be debuted, at least we know it is being worked on. If it rivals what Twitch or Boom.TV currently have in place, it will be worth the wait. Though, I also hope there’s an ability to upload those clips to YouTube as well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Mixer is a free and paid streaming platform that allows gamers to stream not only their favorite games, but also creative and IRL streams. While it’s not as well known as Twitch, their FTL protocol makes this service easier for streamers to communicate with their viewers, thanks to sub 1-2 delays.

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