Finally, I won’t have to play Miramar ten times in a row

While PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds currently only has two maps; Erangel and Miramar, it does get a bit annoying if either map gets stuck in the rotation. Imagine that happening on a map that you don’t particularly care for. Thankfully, a feature that fans have been asking for, map selection, will be making its way to the game. The feature will be rolled out to the test servers first. Then out to the public servers afterward.

I’m all for this, especially since I’ve had my fair share of map rotations that get stuck on Miramar. Now while there’s nothing wrong with that specific map, I just prefer Erangel a bit more. I feel it has a better flow, better advantage points and I’m just more familiar with the map.

Yet, I feel that adding a map selection could also add some problems. Mainly causing a rift between PUBG players. If this works how I think it is going to work, then this is going to be a “majority rules” vote. Meaning that at the start of a game, players will vote on which map you’ll play on. Which is fine. However, what happens if those same players keep voting the same map, over and over. You’ll run into a situation where either Erangel, Miramar or any of the new maps kept being played.

PUBG's new map, Codename: Savage

That is unless they add some sort of cooldown; a map can only be selected X amount of times before being locked. That’s just a thought, as we don’t know what PUBG Corp is actually planning on how this will work. We’ll all have to wait until the map selection makes it way to the test servers. Of course, there’s a possibility that doing the testing phase that PUBG Corp pulls the feature. That is if the community isn’t feeling it and they decide to work on it a bit more.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC, iOS, Android and on Xbox one via early access.

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