It’s been a big day for Nintendo. They announced that they’re getting a new President that’ll take over this June, they’ve noted that Pokemon is coming out between late 2018-2019, and also, they’ve updated their sales numbers for their best games on Switch. And a new million seller has come via Kirby: Star Allies.

This was big for Nintendo, as both January and February of this year didn’t have any big 1st party releases. And while Kirby is a big part of the Nintendo lineup, he’s not always consistent in sales of his games. Yet, with Kirby: Star Allies, something obviously clicked, as in less than two weeks the game sold over 1 million units, and ended with 1.26 million by the end of March.

Other big news comes from Super Mario Odyssey, which has sold an incredible 10 million units since its release in October last year.


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