Josh Boone and Stephen King adaptations do not have a good history together. First, the director was going to create a four-film trilogy based on one of the horror author’s most beloved works, The Stand. However, that was put aside so Boone could work on a different adaptation, this time of the more recent novel Revival but that never ended up happening. 

But it looks like The Stand project isn’t dead after all! According to Tracking Board, the adaptation will continue on with Josh Boone, but will be a 10-part limited series on CBS All-Access rather than a set of films. Boone will first have to finish the second round of reshoots for The New Mutants, which have been taking so long they have delayed the film until 2019.

For those who have not read the book (and it is a whooping 1,200-page read) the story follows a post-apocolytic world after a weaponized version of influenza that killed off the majority of the world’s population. The book features Randall Flagg, a reoccurring villain in the King universe with supernatural powers. There is no information when Boone would start on the project, and of course no guarantee that it’ll ever get off the ground.

Die-hard fans may remember the 4-part mini-series based on the book which on ABC in 1994. It starred  Gary Sinise, Jamey Sheridan, Miguel Ferrer, and Rob Lowe, and like many mini-series of the time, it was not the best made product. Still, it has its fans, many of whom will likely tune in to this new version in the hopes of getting a more complete and faithful adaptation.

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