April has an exciting indie lineup coming down the pipe, there’s no doubt about that. Today we’ll take an opportunity to look at three of those impending releases.

Swords of Ditto

The upcoming title from Devolver Digital is a roguelike action RPG by the name of The Swords of Ditto.


This charming little co-op romp will pit players against the villainous Mormo as a procedurally generated world sets dungeons and deadly monsters in their path. With a time limit set at just three days, players will have to work hard to slash their way through as many enemies as they can before they are forced to take control of a brand new character one thousand years in the future.

Players will want to work hard to get as far as they can through the treacherous world because they’ll have the opportunity to retrieve the equipment obtained during their previous run. Not only that but what you accomplished in the previous run will affect the world in the next century. While the core reset mechanic might turn hardcore fans of the genre off of the game, it sure adds an interesting form of progression and consistency to an otherwise standard roguelike title.

Those eager to get their hands on The Swords of Ditto can do so on April 24th on Steam and PlayStation 4. All updates for the highly anticipated game can be found on director Bidds’ Twitter (@onebitbeyond)

39 Days to Mars

Touted as a “brief Victorian adventure” 39 Days to Mars features two protagonists in Sir Albert Wickles and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter. Players will control the two explorers in a co-op experience as they pilot the HMS Fearful to the titular Mars and solve the problems that will arise on their way to the red planet. Keeping the nineteenth-century gentlemen alive and their ship intact is the goal of this lovable indie title.


Developed by former Square-Enix employee Philip Buchanan’s one-man studio It’s Anecdotal, the game’s Steam page states that the bite-sized title can be completed within the span of an evening. While relatively short, the game is clearly brimming with charisma, which is proudly displayed in the trailer. The voice acting breathes life into the dialogue and friendly banter, and the orchestral soundtrack lends the game a warm glow that seems incredibly easy to get lost in.

Players can grab a friend and blast off into the stars toward uncertainty and discovery through this highly original indie co-op puzzler April 25th on Steam. For more on the game the developer’s website, follow Philip Buchanan (@philipbuchanan) on Twitter, and check out the launch trailer down below.

Masters of Anima

The closest release on this list, Masters of Anima is another highly anticipated indie title, this time from French developer Passtech Games. The studio is known for its previous games Space Run and the sequel Space Run Galaxy. This time though they are introducing us to a brand new title with their upcoming release.

Masters of Anima is an adventure game with RTS inspired elements where players control protagonist Otto, and while he is merely an apprentice, he still wields the power to control beings called guardians. These guardians handle the lion’s share of the work for Otto and play several different roles in the fight against Zahr’s army of golems. Players will be able to control up to a hundred of these guardians, each of which will assist the hero through combat, exploration, and puzzle solving with their individual and specialized skill sets.


Of course, no man is without his motivations and Otto is no exception to the rule. While it’s true that if the evil Zahr is stopped from strengthening his own Anima powers the world will be saved, our blonde protagonist is much more interested in saving his fiancée, whose soul the antagonist has happened to split into three separate parts.

Players can follow the determined hero on his quest April 10th on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. For any and all updates until then follow the game (@MastersOfAnima) and Passtech Games (@PasstechGames) on Twitter, or visit the official website.

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