Fairy Tail fans can rejoice… momentarily and then let out a heavy sigh of disappointment. Hiro Mashima announced that Fairy Tail would be receiving a sequel manga… in the form of a spinoff and not a true series. Mashima also never stated if he would be the one to draw the sequel spinoff, either. Even though the Fairy Tail sequel is a mere spinoff, Mashima did go on to state that a second Fairy Tail spinoff manga is also in the works. 

The reason for this is that Mashima is launching a brand new manga series, which we’ve known about for quite some time. What is new information is that the new series will begin serialization on June 27! The new series will be published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in their 30th issue. The announcement came from Mashima’s Twitter account, making good on his promise to “work hard” on getting a new series launched in 2018. The new series will be a “new form of fantasy” and “Plue will make an appearance,” according to Mashima.

Outside of this, no new details are known about Mashima’s newest work… not even a title, character art… anything! Now that the manga is just two and a half months away from launching, we’re sure to get some more details about this one soon!


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