Bungie Teases Upcoming Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion

Looks like Bungie is out, trying to drum up some excitement for their upcoming Destiny 2 expansion. Warmind, as it’s being called, is set to be released on May 8, 2018.  The only thing is, we really don’t know much about this upcoming expansion. To which Bungie has decided to give us a preview and a look at what’s to come in a live stream that will take place tomorrow.

This live stream will begin on April 24th at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT and will be hosted by both Bungie and Vicarious Visions. You can catch it at Bungie’s Twitch channel – https://www.twitch.tv/Bungie.



So while we wait, let’s break down that trailer, starting with the name of the expansion. Warmind refers to a type of artificial intelligence (AI). They were created during the Golden Age, prior to the events of the first Destiny and are so complex that even the Vex are vexed about them. Currently, in the Destiny universe, there are two existing Warminds; Rasputin who resides on Earth and Charlemagne on Mars. This leads me to believe that we’ll see Charlemagne or at least the AI will play a major role in the expansion as the DLC will also take us to Mars. A planet that was accessible and playable in the first Destiny, yet not in Destiny 2.

With it comes a new playable area called Hellas Basin, which is briefly shown off in the teaser video. In addition, it seems like a new horde mode, called “Survive the Hive Escalation Protocol” will be introduced as well. Its worth mentioning that players have been asking for a horde mode for some time. It will be interesting to see exactly Bungie has come up with. Lastly, we’ll see upgraded exotics and more crucible updates. A 6 vs 6 was added not too long ago, which helped address some issues with the game’s PVP. What else is Bungie cooking up?

Honestly, I haven’t played Destiny 2 much, not since the first expansion “Curse of Osiris” was released. After the first two weeks, It got boring pretty fast and felt lackluster. Being a fan of the Destiny series, I was really hoping for more and didn’t see how Bungie could entice people to come back to the game. That said, I’m hoping tomorrow’s peek at “Warmind”, is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Please Bungie, don’t disappoint!

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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