Get out your leg warmers and fear of rampant technology! Black Mirror is going back to the 80s! Arguably one of the best episodes of Charlies Brooker’s sci-fi anthology series was “San Junipero.” The season three standout even won an Emmy last year, and remains the only Black Mirror episode to do so. It also remains the only Black Mirror episode mainly set in the 1980s. Well, sort of. Technically it’s set in a simulation that takes the form of various decades and the main characters happen to prefer the 80s version. You can’t blame them. 

With Black Mirror renewed for a fifth season, Netlfix has started filming it. The Huffington Post has a few photos of the sets, showing the town of Croydon made up to look like it may have looked in the 80s. It even sports a Blockbuster Video, also known as “old timey Netflix.” 

Now this doesn’t mean that another episode of the series set during the decade will become another hit. However, it does mean that it will take us back to an era of striking visuals and catchy songs. If “San Junipero” was any indication, we may even hear some of those hit songs. 

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the fifth season. But Charlies Brooker has stated that he’s filming and writing the episodes back to back. In addition to showing us a setting, these pictures give an indication that Netflix has gotten the ball rolling. No plot details are know, but the episode in question appears to have the title “Bandersnatch,” a reference to a creature from Alice in Wonderland. 

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