The Batgirl movie saga begins anew at Warner Bros. Studios. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Christina Hodson has signed onto the project to bring Barbara Gordon to the big screen.

Hodson is best known for Unforgettable, a thriller about a jilted ex-wife who attacks the woman who took her place. She also wrote the new Transformers: Bumblebee film and is working on a Birds of Prey film for DC as well, so she’s got some nerd cred. 

Joss Whedon was originally working on the script, but stepped away from the project after saying that he couldn’t come up with a story for the heroine. That normally would have spelled the end for the project, but it looks like Warner Brothers wasn’t ready to let this property go just yet.

It is interesting that they chose a relatively new writer to head-up this project with so much media attention on it. On the other hand, more experienced writers and directors haven’t been able to pull the DCEU out of the slump it is in, so a fresh voice might help them keep up that good momentum (and good will) wrought by Wonder Woman. There’s no word on just which Batgirl story will be adapted or if Hodson will take a wholly original approach to her story.

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