So recently I’ve been very surprised with Netflix and the number of quality animes they have been putting up to watch. In the past week, I’ve checked out two different animes on Netflix, Violet Evergarden, and Children of the Whales. After watching both of them all the way through to the end, I have a newfound respect for Netflix and it’s platform.

Many years ago is when I first got into anime. As a young little weeb, I was uncertain of where to watch anime and new releases. So during that time of discovery, I turned to Netflix. I watched a bunch of low-quality series that I’m ashamed to have exposed myself to. As I aged, I grew out of Netflix and started watching from other various sites until I eventually came across Crunchyroll where I currently watch new releases.

After browsing Netflix recently to watch a movie with my brothers, I kept seeing Netflix originals which just so happened to be solid looking animes. So after the movie, I went onto Netflix at my computer and browsed its selection of anime. To my surprise, there were a ton of high quality looking Netflix originals. For instance, Children of the Whales and Violet Evergarden. These two animes were absolutely incredible and honestly surprised me. Their art styles were gorgeous and their stories were well done! In comparison to some releases this previous winter season, I was shocked.

Art for B: The Beginning

I have to commend Netflix for dedicating its platform to please those who enjoy anime. The series’ that they put out is honestly quite good. This spring of 2018, Netflix will be releasing a few an anime called, B: The Beginning. A mystery, sci-fi, series that’s about stopping a serial killer. The art style looks dark and gritty and I feel like it’s going to be completely badass! I’m excited to watch it and I’m excited to see what else Netflix will have to offer in the future!



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