Will hit CW show Arrow see another crossover? Almost definitely. Will that next show be Black Lightning? Well, it’s hard to say. Maybe. 

According to Digital Spy, Stephen Amell says its a surefire shot. Amell plays Arrow on the show, which became known for its crossovers. Other shows that have crossed over with the Arrowverse include The Flash and Constantine. According to Amell, the number of Arrowverse crossovers is precisely why the next one will be Black Lightning. “We’re probably gonna cross over with Black Lightning because that’s just the way the world works,” he remarked at Awesome Con this past weekend. He elaborated on his thoughts on the new show, saying “I think that anything you can do to expand the universe and to build out what we’ve built on our show would be great. So, I’m glad that show’s doing well, I hope that it has a very successful run, and I would love to be a small part of it in some way shape, or form.”

Black Lightning

Arrow and Black Lightning are both CW superhero shows, so there is a chance. However, CW President Mark Pedowitz previously ruled the crossover out. He explained that when it was picked up, Black Lightning “was different from our other superhero shows and it was never designed to be part of the Arrowverse.” 

Perhaps as Amell suggests, only time will tell if Black Lightning arrives in the Arrowverse. 

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