Ys Origin Launches For the Xbox One On April 11

Ys Origin is coming sooner then we expected.

Back in Feb. 2018, we reported that Ys Origin was going to be released on the Xbox One. Which is amazing news, there was just one issue. We didn’t have a release date. Sure, we knew it was coming in Spring 2018, but that was it. However, we now know that Ys Origin will be released as of April 11, 2018.

This would be the first Ys title to make its way to an Xbox console. So DotEmu, the team behind the port added a few extra things. Just to make it stand out. A new “Speed Run” mode, which pits players in a race against time to see can take down the game’s bosses the fastest. This will tie in with the Xbox Live leaderboards.  Then there’s the “Blood Option” mode, which does what it sounds like. Players will be given the option to turn off the sight of blood or crank it up. Sounds, rather interesting.

Hopefully, when Ys Origins launches, the title will ultimately do well. One of the biggest complaints about the Xbox One is the lack of games. Especially when it comes to RPGs. Specifically, JRPGs. Of course, this will also dictate which genre of games that DotEmu will port over to the Xbox platform. Still, it’s nice to see that Ys Origin is getting yet another run, even if it’s on a platform that’s not known for selling a large number of niche titles. 

**Crosses fingers and hopes that Ys Origins does well on the Xbox One**

Ys Origin originally launched on Windows PC back in 2006, with PlayStation 4 and PS Vita ports released in 2017.


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