YouTube Is Making Streaming Even Easier

Now you can stream on YouTube without the extra software

Anyone that wants to stream, knows that using a webcam is important. It puts a personal touch on your streams and lets the audience see your face. And to do that, you need some sort of software to do so. Whether it be OBS, XSplit’s Broadcaster or something along those lines. Well, thanks to YouTube, you may be able to cut out the middleman, so to speak.

They’ve rolled out a new update that will let you use a webcam but without any extra software. All you have to do is head over to or click “Go Live” in your YouTube account. A pop-up for your stream will show up, like normal. But now a camera option will be present.



All you have to do is select your webcam or camera since some people use super expensive cameras. Choice your microphone and other options like enabling chat, public or unlisted, etc. And that’s it.

A countdown will show up, and you’ll have to strike your favorite pose and YouTube will capture that image. That’s it. Now you’re set to go live.


Definitely a lot easier than fighting your current streaming software. However, this is where it gets good. I noticed that when selecting the camera, it also lets you select a capture card. Meaning that if you have an Elgato, Avermedia or whatever type of device you use to capture your gaming. You can also use it on here. I’ve tested this with my Elgato 4K60 Pro and was able to stream from my PS4 and Xbox One with zero issues. This completely bypassed any reason to use my current software. 

Below is from the stream.

The downside is that it’s all mirrored and I don’t see an option to change that. Still, it was pretty amazing to see it in action. Especially with the delay being less than a second, which put it on par with Mixer’s FTL protocol. YouTube just may be on to something.

However, there is one catch. This only works with Google Chrome. However, YouTube has mentioned that they’ll be rolling this out for other browsers as well. Which is nice as this is one feature that I can see catching on very rapidly.

This ladies and gentlemen just might be a game changer.


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