Weekly Outerhaven YouTube Roundup March 25, 2018

We here at the Outerhaven want you to know us not only for our passions surrounding gaming, tech, television, movies, anime, manga, etc. Every week we’re going to deliver to you a list of videos we have been checking out while cyberloafing the internet. It gives you a chance to see another side to us, one that isn’t focused on covering the latest news or reviews. While this list will be largely safe for work, we must warn against things that may incite any phobias that you may have. Enjoy!


James’s Pick:

This video is a few years old, but the message is timeless.  


Sara’s Pick:

I love Dena Natali – her commentary is charming but informative. This was her very first Film Den, and it started an excellent series that I am glad continues to this day. Support this smart, funny, awesome creator with some views, will ya? Also ZOMBIE KITTIES!


Will’s Pick:

So if you managed to get through the devils message in the beginning. then welcome back to MYTH & ROID. This song was for the film of Overlord. When  you look up the lyrics of the song, this is another song that describes Albedo well, but also the tone of Overlord as well. Massacre, Mischief and the wanting of dealing death to your enemies. Sounds like a Monday for me. Also there’s one lyric I like. Do what you want to. While it may sound and perhaps is selfish, I feel that is what many people forget. This is your life and why live a life without doing what you want? Off to the Garden of Madness.


Josh’s Pick:

When I was growing up, I was unwillingly exposed to the world of country music thanks to me not being old enough to drive and my mother having full control of the car stereo. While I found the music rather annoying, there was one Garth Brooks song, in particular, I didn’t mind. Probably because it didn’t sound like a typical country song. That song was The Thunder Rolls. I stumbled across a YouTube video from the band All That Remains that metalized that song. It turned out to be nothing short of pure awesomeness! Therefore, I share a metal version of a guilty little pleasure from my childhood with you all here today.


Todd’s Pick:

Death Battle is here once again, and this time, they’re going full anime!

In fight between two of the strongest punchers of all time, Jotaro Kujo is going up against Kenshiro the First of the North Star!

There will be punches, there will be loud shouts, and there will be a victor!


Liz’s Pick:

In case you needed a laugh at Rowdy Rousey’s expense, here it is. I’m sure there will plenty more of these as she progresses in her WWE career. 


That’s all for week’s roundup. Tune back in next week to see what we are sharing next!

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Elizabeth is an avid reader of manga and enjoys attending conventions in cosplay. Please follow me on social media to keep up with my latest reviews and cosplay progress.