War of infinite Panels, Issue #9 – Goodbye Snyder, Wakanda Forever

On this issue of War of Infinite Panels, Julz Chan and Matt “GetSelious” comment on the reported firing of Zack Snyder,director of numerous DC Comics movies such as “Justice League,” and Joss Whedon’s departure from DC’s Batgirl movie. In addition, the two also discuss the Marvel-side of the comic’s industry and what the company’s new relaunch,”Fresh Start,” will mean for the company moving forward. In other news, the boys will also be talking about the troubling, online movement known as ComicGate and the recent blacklisting of creators. 

Matthew “GetSelious” Paul and Julz Chan`s Comic Recommendations: 

The Mighty Thor (2013) – Written by Walter Simonson 

JSA (1999) – Written by Geoff Johns

Black Panther, Long Live the King (2017) – Written by Nnedi Okorafor and illustrated by Andre Araujo


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