Will this affect you?

Last month, Twitch updated their community guidelines, much to the dismay of many active streamers on the platform.

These new guidelines address everything from hateful conduct, as well as addressing long-stemming topics as to what is acceptable when it comes to clothing or lack of it. There’s even a more active role in moderating your channel. Meaning that you can no longer turn a blind eye. If there’s any sort of toxic behavior being done on your channel, you must address it. Both online or offline, or Twitch will be coming to you to find out why you haven’t.

As such, since today is the day that the new rules go into effect, there’s going to be some backlash. Especially since these new rules are retroactive. Meaning that streamers will need to go and remove any content that infringes on these new guidelines. Don’t expect to claim that any content was created prior to March 5th, 2018, as Twitch has that covered as well. You can leave it there and hope no one calls it out and take your chances. or just remove it.

However, if reported, content that violates the new guidelines and that was created before the new guidelines come into effect will be removed without suspension, but we reserve the right to exercise discretion on severe violations.

Now, I know for a fact that the new changes are going to cause quite a bit of backlash. Especially holding streamers responsible for their channels. For years, streamers have fought a battle to remove toxic comments and viewers from their channels. However, being online and addressing it is vastly different than being offline and catching it as it happens. Sure, bigger channels have moderators to help out, but what about the smaller channels?


Then there’s the little bit of addressing the clothing issue. While some are borderline, there are others that are so far over what’s acceptable and there has been many a conversation about those on the internet. Could this new change force some to cover up, while others to abandon the ship completely? We’ll just have to see how this develops.

Twitch is counting on these new rules to help address a lot of ongoing issues and to promote a better community. As well as bring more viewers to the platform. It’s a whole different world out there and Twitch isn’t the only one vested in hosting streamers and generating cash from it. Whether it does it or not remains to be seen. To review the updated Twitch guidelines, check out the FAQ here

If you stream on Twitch, how do you feel about the changes? Does any of this impact you and if so, how? Let us know in the comments!

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